Who We Are

Who We Are

Peden Property Ltd™ is a family run business who ensures that every client’s investment is treated with individual attention, with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.



Mandy has a long association with buying, developing and selling properties and has an extensive knowledge of property development. Mandy takes great interest building on existing knowledge and regularly reads books and listens to podcasts about current property development whilst also attending various seminars and workshops to keep up to date with regulations and to find the best strategies for the company.



William has been in the property sector for many years specialising in the roles of Facilities Services and Project Management. He has many qualifications including CIBSE (Chartered Institue of Building Services Engineers) and NEBOSH (Health & Safety). He has a diverse knowledge and experience and has worked globally in hospitals, shopping centres, airports and royal palaces ensuring that the design specifications and Health & Safety regulations are always met. 



Peden Property Ltd™ now has an entire power team of professionals at your disposal, who have a history of delivering final products which meet all legal requirements and exceeds all expectations.

Our services are mainly for the Hastings and Bexhill areas but we are happy to work further afield.

We are members of the National Landlords Association and we are trademarked and registered.


Why we do this

We get very emotional when we see the conditions of a once grand building being neglected to a very sorry state, and then realising people are still living inside, in awful conditions.

How can this be right? Morally we find this unacceptable.

We decided to do something and buy some of these buildings, to make into good functional homes in which our residents can feel safe and relaxed in.


Who are our investors?


We aleady have active investors and with our expansion we require more!

We work to a unique partnership, and we can offer this with you as well. Why not send us a message and we can arrange a informal chat.