What We Do

What we do

We refurbish old, large properties and convert them into safe and stylish functional flats which are compliant with trade standards and ready to be put on the buy-to-let market.

Our services are all-encompassing, so if you require a property that caters to mobility issues (level flooring, wider doors) and which supports independent living, then we can make this possible.

To achieve this, we look into purchasing whole properties and stripping them back to their core status. We aim to salvage any original features or replace them with similar type pieces to keep a properties charm and ensure that the new and old complement each other.


Who are our customers?

Our customers all have varying needs and wants so it is difficult to categorise them into one bracket. We have worked with many individuals and also couples in professional roles.

From 2020 onwards our focus will be homes for those with mobility issues.  

  • Families are being split up because one family member cannot move around easily.  
  • There are even more cases of singles and couples, who are struggling to move in accommodation unfit for their requirements.
  • More homes are needed, often just a slight modification to make life easier.

It is a basic need to have a place to call home