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Welcome to Peden Property


We primarily source properties to add to our own portfolio in the Hastings/Bexhill area of East Sussex.  

These are usually neglected, or dated properties, including blocks of flats and houses, and transforming them into fantastic homes, for today`s lifestyle.

For 2020 and beyond our focus is for those who have mobility issues, so that families can live together, singles and couples can get around their home easily and safely.  As we have found there is a desperate need for this kind of accommodation in our area.

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Why Use Peden Property?

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If you invest in something you have put your trust in it. We want you to invest in us and trust us to do what we do best.

Combining our knowledge, passion and skills, we will refurbish any property to an exceptional building standard for today`s modern lifestyle. 

We are professionals who provide a fully comprehensive service who can seek out promising properties bursting with potential to refurbish ready for the buy to let market. 

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